5 celebrities who eat intermittent fasting

5 celebrities who eat intermittent fasting

Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston and their colleagues

Intermittent fasting is becoming more and more popular among those who monitor their health and try to keep themselves in shape. The essence of the technique lies in the fact that you consciously devote less of the day to the process of eating, most often it is 8 hours. And for the remaining 16 hours, you refuse to eat, thereby not overloading the body and creating a slight calorie deficit.

Such a system perfectly helps to get rid of those last few pounds that you still can’t throw off, and also allows you to feel more energetic and healthier. But still, before you start eating according to this scheme, you should consult with your doctors, because you need to make sure that your body can withstand the long breaks between meals. If there are no contraindications, but there is not enough motivation, we advise you to take an example from the famous fans of this method of cleansing and healing the body.

Jennifer Aniston

About such a bold hobby of the star “Friends” became known only this month. During a recent interview, Jennifer said that since she began to practice intermittent fasting on a regular basis, she feels much better – and this applies to both inner self-awareness and appearance.

Kourtney Kardashian

Having launched the Poosh website, Kourtney Kardashian regularly began to share her beauty secrets with readers. And one of the favorite ways of the reality star to keep fit was intermittent fasting. “I stop eating after 7 pm, and my next meal only happens the next day around 11 am, after training.”

Halle Berry

Halle Berry about a year ago talked about her passion for intermittent fasting in one of her Instagram posts. The actress’s personal dietary pattern is such that she does not sit down at the table before two o’clock in the afternoon. “But this does not mean that until that time my body does not receive nutrients, vitamins and minerals,” the celebrity clarified.

Scarlett Johansson

Preparing for the filming of the final of “The Avengers” was serious for Scarlett Johansson: in order to achieve perfect shape, the actress starved for 12 hours every day. “But sometimes it turned out to be 14-15 hours, depending on the shooting schedule,” the actress’s personal trainer said in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon did not use the term “intermittent fasting” when talking about her usual diet, but in general, her diet is very close to this format: the actress does not eat breakfast, consuming only green juices or coffee in the morning. Thus, a significant amount of time elapses between the first meal of the day and the last meal the day before.