5 common mistakes when trying to lose weight


Have you decided to lose weight? Then, it is time to start reviewing your lifestyle to bet on healthier and more beneficial habits for your health. Controlling your diet and doing physical exercise is what you should do to start burning accumulated fat and lose those extra kilos.

In this article we want to discover the most frequent mistakes when wanting to lose weight ; Thus, you can banish some myths accepted in society and that will not help us lose weight. Take note of our tips and manage to lose your weight in a healthy and effective way.

Myths and mistakes to avoid if you want to lose weight

There are many theories when it comes to losing weight, but the truth is that there is no greater secret than combining a good healthy diet to lose weight with exercise. Betting on a healthy life is essential for our body to be in top shape and reduce accumulated excesses.

In addition, it is important to banish all those false beliefs that exist around diet and weight loss, since many of them are what cause us to not be able to maintain the weight we want.

Miracle diets

One of the most common mistakes made by people who want to lose weight is relying on miracle diets. This type of diet is usually very restrictive and ensures you lose a large amount of weight in a short time. Although the effects may be visible, the truth is that later you will have the yo-yo effect. Therefore, avoid too strict diets and choose to change habits to relearn how to eat.

Eating too little

On a diet, you should not go hungry. Although the first few days you may feel a little more empty in your stomach, this should not be the norm. Eating too little can cause us to feel weak or in a bad mood; In addition, it increases the risk that you go to the kitchen to binge or that emotional hunger arises. It is best that you eat 5 to 6 times a day, in small quantities, and betting on foods that are light and healthy.

Skip breakfast

There are many people who believe that reducing some of the foods will lose weight faster. ERROR. The truth is that what is most recommended is that you eat more meals a day to avoid starvation, but also to speed up your metabolism. The more times you eat, the more times your metabolic system will work and the more active your body will be. So remember: don’t skip any meals.

Not doing physical exercise

We have already indicated that the only secret that exists to be able to lose weight is to combine a healthy diet with the practice of sports. Exercise will help you burn the remaining calories in your body, as well as tap into your saturated fat stores. Also, when you lose weight, your body can become flaccid, something that you will avoid if you exercise. At least you should train 3 times a week so that your body really notices the sport.

Do not eat fruit

Another common mistake when trying to lose weight is to skip the consumption of fruits. This is a sensitive issue since the false belief that fruits are fattening has spread. Fruits are simple carbohydrates and with a contribution of natural sugars, true; but they are also foods rich in fiber and water, very nutritious, therefore essential for our body. Avoid eating fruit after meals or at night and take it between meals, so you will make the most of it.