How to start a diet? 10 keys to change your lifestyle


Many do not know how to start a diet or it is very difficult to follow it. Here are some tips.

Many times it is not a matter of decision, but of doing it the right way. Every year, many people start a diet to improve their figure and their health, but after a while they stop or are just intermittent. This is due to many things, among them is obsession or ‘over-punishment’. Here we leave you 10 tips for you to achieve it. 

1. Set a clear and realistic goal

You have to be realistic with what you are going to demand of yourself, you need to make an eating plan that you really intend to follow, for example, it is useless if you want to eat vegetables every day, if every Friday you have meetings with taquitos or hamburgers. Focus on meeting the rest of the days, and give yourself that day as a break.

2. DO NOT obsess about overweight

Counting kilos may not be a great idea, because not seeing immediate results leads to anxiety and anxiety to a lack of food control, it is best that you focus on eating and exercise and that little by little you begin to notice that clothing you start to get big. 

3. Distribute your intake in several doses throughout the day.

Punishing yourself without eating is not the way, it is a very frequent mistake. What you should do is divide your portions throughout the day, you must add at least 5, that they are not so big and neither that they leave you hungry.

4. Learn to say NO 

Avoid snacks. Do not stand alone. You must locate which junk food is your weakness and keep it away from you, no longer buy it to dose it, according to you, it is best not to have it at home. 

5. Include physical exercise in your daily routine.

The diet without exercise does little to lose weight, you need to exercise, daily, if you can, and if not, at least 5 days a week, to give you enough rest. 

6. Plan your meals.

Planning what you are going to eat is the best, because then you will not be tempted by street foods. The best thing is that you become a true chef and be disciplined. 

7. Use the plate method

The plate method you should know. Half is for vegetables, a quarter for protein and another quarter for protein. 

8. Prioritize the consumption of water over other types of drinks

Ditch the soda, it gives you nothing but carbohydrates and a closer path to kidney and stomach problems. Prioritize plain water, if you opt for flavored water, made of natural fruit and with little or no sugar. 

9. Be consistent and persistent with your goal.

It is difficult to follow a diet, at least while you get used to it, they say that to make a habit it is enough to do it for 21 days, but the issue of food is really more complicated, so stay rigorous and do not give in to the craving. 

10. Take care of your free time, your body, your rest, and love yourself very much

Not everything is diet and exercise, you also need to rest very well and do things that you enjoy.