Include these things in the diet, hair will never fall


Everyone wants his hair to retain shine. They think oil and shampoo will keep our hair glowing. But let us tell you that to maintain the beauty of hair, not only shampoo and oil work, but the diet plays a big role in the beauty of hair. Let us tell you what things you should include in food to increase the natural beauty of hair. 

Actually, hair needs a sufficient amount of protein to grow. Hair is made from a protein called keratin, if there is a lack of protein and nutrition in our food then hair starts to appear dry and scattered. Fish, chicken, green vegetables, and vegetarian people should eat things like nuts, walnuts, soybeans in their daily diet. It gets plenty of nutrients to the hair.

Split hair must be trimmed once a month. If the hair is getting more split then get it trimmed every 15 days, which will keep the shine of your hair.

Many times our new hair grows and we do not pay attention to them, for this we should comb our new hair with light hands. Always use a comb according to the hair, which will prevent your new hair from breaking. Firstly unravel the hair from the bottom and then gradually the top hair.

Hair Conditioning

Use conditioner and hydrating to keep the hair soft.