Kim Kardashian’s coach pays you to work out with her


Yes, Melissa Alcantara created a program that everyone can participate in, and be as fit as they have always wanted (and they only have to invest 1 USD).

Being able to tone the body as Kim Kardashian has achieved is not something that is achieved overnight, for this you require discipline and a coach who knows what she is doing, like Melissa Alcantara , who we have spoken to you about on previous occasions. She, now not only wants to train Kim Kardashian , but she wants to exercise with you (and is willing to reward you for it).

And no, before you think you have to spend a fortune on it, it is important to clarify that the only thing it asks of you is a dollar … but a lot of discipline. Melissa Alcantara has developed during the past 2020, different exercise routines to lead a fitness life on her various platforms on social networks, and although she gives them free, she has created an application with which you can train with her, from the comfort from your house: Fit Gurl Mel.

Melissa Alcantara

How to Work Out with Kim Kardashian’s Trainer (Almost Free)

Melissa Alcantara has released an application to exercise from home, using only your body to train (and perhaps, a mat). All you have to do is look for her user on Instagram (she’s like @fitgurlmel), and click on her biography to find out the requirements, which is really nothing you don’t do on a daily basis: these include signing up for a group from Facebook, download the app and pay just a dollar … and yes, she will be training with you to make sure you are motivated and fit.

The reason why it is currently worth a dollar is because it has a launch challenge : Hot Body at Home Challenge , which consists of training with it for 6 weeks , toning different parts of the body. After that, you pay a monthly payment … or not.

What exercises can I find in the application of the trainer of Kim Kardashian?

Everything starts with a fit test on the first day of challenge Hot Body at Home Challenge , which lasts about 35 minutes, then being extended to routines like Booty & Abs, Backs & Aps, full workouts of HIIT or routines full of plates that In addition, it combines with yoga sessions that strengthen and at the same time help to loosen the muscles. All this over a period of 6 weeks!

In addition to this program is a nutrition guide, training, coaching and even clothing suggestions for training.

Unlike some trainers, Melissa Alcantara is a trainer who achieves results naturally, without recommending supplements or chemicals that alter your body, but with a lot of effort. If one of your New Year’s resolutions was to take care of yourself more and get fit , this app and that dollar are a great way to start doing it, just follow the instructions (literally and figuratively) so that you can start exercising with the coach of Kim and Kourtney Kardashian .

The prize you could win for training with Melissa Alcantara …

Ah, we almost forgot to tell you something important: this challenge comes with prizes ranging from 250 USD to 1,000 USD (yes, you read that correctly); some other prizes like a free membership for a year or a complete outfit from Lulu Lemon.

Yes, not only do you have to invest just a dollar to start toning your body, but you will likely get paid to exercise for it , what more could you ask for ?!