Mobile apps every mom should have

Mobile apps every mom should have

A busy day, children on one hand, work on the other, appointments, events, and the kitchen is still missing! Has it happened to you? These types of activities are part of the daily life of all moms, even more so, now that they are at home much of the time, when they must also include some time to disconnect and give the body a break to continue with the functions.

1. 2020 Thermometer

An app that lets you know your body temperature? As you read it, this application provides you with all the necessary functions to know the temperature and pulse of your body. In these moments where the temperature is vital before entering each place, it is now possible to carry a digital thermometer with you in which you can even place notes such as: Take the medicine at 2:00 pm It is important to communicate that it is not a current thermometer but provides you with variable data this data through the mobile device’s sensors. 

2. Parental Control: Kroha

Scared of all mom? Loan the phone to one of your children and end up in an age-unfriendly app, or visual material a child should see. These fears are over with Kroha, a powerful application to keep children safe, allows you to control screen time, location tracking, limit application use, limit phone use, YouTube monitoring, and even block websites. This application, together with the protections that AppGallery already offers for the little ones in the house, will keep your children browsing in a safe environment

Download Parental Control: Kroha here.

3. Drink water

Mom, she also has to take care of herself and among so many, she runs, watching out for the children, it is very likely to forget such basic things as drinking water. Forget having to remember it at night with this application that allows you to set alarms from time to time and even set the approximate proportions of water that you are drinking so that it provides you with daily goals and the percentages that you need to meet themselves. 

Download Drink water app here.

4. Mandala coloring pages

Mom also needs to relax, and through this application you will have access to a large number of the well-known mandalas, which you can color according to the combinations you prefer, giving you the opportunity to exploit your imagination. Recommendation: Do it listening to your favorite music and with a glass of your favorite drink.

You are probably thinking about all the space it will take to store these applications on your phone and that you are surely needing, but the most exciting thing about using these applications is that thanks to QuickApps, from HUAWEI, you can download up to 200 similar ones or even more. efficient, without having to use real space on your cell phone. That is, it is increasingly possible to lead a balanced life thanks to them.

Download Mandala coloring pages here.