Not losing weight despite sweating in the gym? Must be making these mistakes.


 According to experts, there are many other things besides exercise which help in weight loss. In this case, special attention has to be paid to them. 

Despite working for hours in the gym, many people complain that they are not losing weight. At the same time, many people lose 8-10 kg of weight in the first month. In such a situation, you will be cursing your body that despite sweating for so many months, why are you not getting the results? According to experts, apart from exercise, there are many other things that help in weight loss. In this case, special attention has to be paid to them. 

Do not do high-intensity workouts

if you continuously do the same type of workout every day, then you will not get any result. Run full force on the trade mill, lift heavy dumbbells, jump box, dip, and increase your intensity. Increase your workout time and suffer pain. If you have joined a new gym, then go to the gym three days a week and do heavy workouts. Apart from this, keep doing experiments in your gymnasium too. 

Exercising fast
The beginning of exercise should be slow. But gradually the intensity of exercise should be increased and heavyweight should be lifted. It is easy to lose weight.

The diet
exercised packaged food has more effect than a diet. You should know how many calories, fat or protein, etc. are there in something. Apart from this, many packaged foods contain a very high amount of calories. It can increase the weight in the long run. For example, you are eating salad, but do you know that it also contains oil, ketchup, sauce dressing, etc. which will increase your 600 calories.

not go to the gym on an empty stomach if you are not doing breakfast or eating very little. You will not get energy from an empty stomach and you will get tired soon. If you go to the gym after eating two potatoes, then you will be able to work out well there. Apart from this, do breakfast every day in the morning. Actually, by not doing this, you will also feel more hungry. With this, you will start overeating at lunch and dinner too.